What is life without childhood memories, dreams, and wonderment about new discoveries made every day? In today's fast-paced world of technology, children are often deprived of time they will never get back, to use their imaginations and create their own realities through play and magical thinking.  

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has always been a magnetic fascination for me. Playful characters and enticing themes such as mystery, chaos, deception and attachment draw the readers into a world of delightfully shocking apparitions and imaginary friends. Some have attributed this unique incomparable story to psychedelic visions, nightmares, or dreams. Yet, although this magnificent, timeless tale has spawned over 300 adaptations, the story of the real Alice hasn't yet been told.

Why and how was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland created? I felt driven to find out. The answer lies within the life of the real Alice, and her relationship with her math tutor, who outwardly appeared to be rather staid but who in fact had a wildly imaginative mind. Inspired by Alice's unstoppable questions and curiosity, Lewis Carroll (whose real name was Charles Dodgson) wrote one of the greatest stories of all times. 

I created the film Alice and Lewis out of my own curiosity to revisit Alice's path through Wonderland but more importantly, to acknowledge and appreciate her reality as a child and the powerful, life-changing inspiration she gave Lewis Carroll to write his brilliant, unforgettable tale. My hope is that this fictionalized short film will remind its audience of the importance of the adult/child relationship in exploring the world together and to remember that childhood is precious and that none of us can go back to yesterday, except in our hearts and minds. 

Elina Street
Director | Writer | Producer

                             ELINA STREET                 Director - Writer - Producer 

                            ELINA STREET
               Director - Writer - Producer 

Elina Street was born in Boston, USA, and raised in Fontainebleau, France. She began her career in acting and musical theatre at age 12. Her passion for performing arts brought her to the UK where she worked at the British Film Institute (BFI) and completed a BA in Filmmaking at Kingston University, London. She began her career in the Documentary world and her films were screened internationally. Alice and Lewis is Elina's first fiction directorial debut. Elina currently resides in New York City where she works as an Assistant Director and Producer on Feature Films, TV Shows and Commercials. 


We are a group of friends, families, brothers from other mothers, snails and rabbits. From Mexico, to Belgium, France, USA, China and Russia, our International crew decided to travel all the way to the French Alps to make this dream come true. 

             MAXIME ARTHUR GIBERT                                     Producer


Maxime Arthur Gibert is a Parisian native and independent film producer and director based in Los Angeles. Past works include Entirely Accidental (2014) and Misconceptions (2015). In 2015, Maxime received his master’s degree in Cinema Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He also received a master’s degree in comparative literature from Florida Atlantic University. Maxime is thrilled to be a part of the Alice and Lewis producing team, as he hopes to promote films that uplift and motivate diverse audiences.

                        LYMAN CREASON                                      Producer

                        LYMAN CREASON

Lyman Creason  has been a producer of independent film for the past five years. After graduating from Connecticut College, he worked production in New York on the series The Night Of and The OA, and the films Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, It's Complicated, and Discinnect. He worked as an assistant to Steve Zailian, Gale Anne Hurd and James Marsh before producing his first feature film Split at the age of 26 in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Other producing credits include the feature films Becks, At the Maple Grove and the series ThanksgivingAlice and Lewis is his third time collaborating with Elina Street, their first with her as director.

                       LOUISE DE NEXON                                       Producer

                      LOUISE DE NEXON

Louise De Nexon studies Film and TV, and minors in French literature at New York University. She has produced over a dozen short films including many international projects, and is currently pre-producing her directorial debut! Louise was keen on working on Alice and Lewis "to capture the part of childhood that sleeps within all of us." 

                             JULIA STEINBERG                                Executive Producer      

                            JULIA STEINBERG
                             Executive Producer      

Julia Steinberg describes herself as a creative entrepreneur, wearing many hats and excelling in multiple disciplines. She graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts with a B.A. in Drama, and is now a law student in Los Angeles, California. Julia is a writer, producer, performer, and casting director aiming to focus on socially conscious works in the theatre and on the screen. Prior works include Entirely Accidental (2014), He Called Her Mom (2014), Misconceptions (2015), and Three The Musical (2016).

             SHARON PRICE HYLAND                      Casting Director

                    Casting Director

Not content with the life of a socialite/bon vivant, the always fabulous Mrs. Hyland has made time to work in the visual arts.
Sharon began working in television production as Kim Cattrall's private dialogue coach during HBO's wildly popular Sex & The City series and as a Writer's P.A. on the TONY Awards. Sharon is thrilled to be reunited with Elina & Lyman with whom she collaborated on Bethany Hall & Dan Powell's comedy series, Thanksgiving, starring Christ Elliott and Amy Sedaris, in addition to Elizabeth Rohrbaugh's Indie feature, Becks starring Lena Hall & Mena Suvari. Sharon was immediately drawn by Alice & Lewis  and the charming look into the inspiration behind Carroll's classic and most celebrated work, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 

                       ARTURO ALANIS                      1st Assistant Director

                      ARTURO ALANIS
                    1st Assistant Director

Arturo Alanis is a Mexican Director and Writer. He has recently completed his BA in Film & Television at New York University. He has directed and produced short films and music videos in the United States, Mexico, Greece and Spain. Arturo's favorite part about working on Alice and Lewis was working with our international crew and using our cultural differences to create something truly unique.  

                    NORA ZUBIZARRETA       2nd Assistant Director - Art Assistant

                   NORA ZUBIZARRETA
     2nd Assistant Director - Art Assistant

Nora Zubizarreta is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and studies Film and Television at NYU. She has produced several short films, including one international production. Nora’s favorite part about working on Alice and Lewis was getting to know the very talented cast and crew and seeing the real life version of a story from her childhood come to life. When she's not working on movie sets, you might find her hanging from a trapeze bar.

             KONSTANTIN LYUBIMOV                  Director of Photography  

                Director of Photography

Konstantin Lyubimov is a Russian Cinematographer, and Producer. He is currently completing his Bachelors in Film & Television at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He has shot multiple short films, music videos, web commercials, and a 4 Episode TV series. He has also worked as a gaffer and key grip on over 70 film projects in the United States, Greece, Russia and now France. 

                   REMINGTON LONG                                 1st AC

                  REMINGTON LONG
                               1st AC

Remington Long is a filmmaker and photographer from Northern California currently based in New York City. Remington founded  the Rental and Production Company, L Squared in 2015. She has worked on numerous short films, television shows, commercials and music videos as a Director of Photography as well as a Producer.  Remi traveled all the way from the USA to the French Alps with the Alexa Mini to shoot Alice and Lewis. 

            JOACHIM PFEFFERKORN                  Editor - DIT - 2nd AC

                Editor - DIT - 2nd AC

Joachim Pfefferkorn is a New York City based editor. He has worked on various short films and feature films including Gleason (Sundance 2016) and Few Feelings Fade Fast (RSXM 2015). 

                        CLARA LEFEBVRE                 Hair and Make-up - Art Director

                        CLARA LEFEBVRE
              Hair and Make-up - Art Director

Clara Lefebvre is a French Interior Decorator and a Social Worker. She works mainly with groups comprised of teenagers, working to boost their self-esteem. She also fills her spare time refurbishing and giving new lives to old pieces of furniture.  Her multiple talents brought her to do the Hair and Makeup in Alice and Lewis as well as the Art Directing. "Alice and Lewis was an unforgettable experience for me. I loved Alice in Wonderland as a child. and I really enjoyed choosing the props for the film, as well as researching the different hairdos. My favorite scene is the third lesson between Alice and Charles when they draw together, there was a very sincere moment that was made possible because the two actors had become so close outside the set."

                 SANDRINE LECOMPTE           Costume Designer - Production Design

                 SANDRINE LECOMPTE
         Costume Designer - Production Design

Sandrine Lecompte began her career as a Set Decorator and has worked on various features, shorts and commercials in France. She is currently working as a social worker and constantly puts her artistic skills to use while working with young fostered children. She designed and made all the costumes by hand for Alice and Lewis. 

                 LIZZY BETH ELKINS          Production Design - Property  

                LIZZY BETH ELKINS
        Production Design - Property

Originally from Louisiana, NYC based Director, and Designer Lizzy Beth Elkins' work has been seen across the US and abroad. Beth obtained her Master’s degree in Performance Studies from NYU Tisch and has a background in physical comedy and installation building,. Elkins' current projects include The Girl Who Stole the Moon trilogy by playwright Jae Kramisen and working behind the scenes on Queen of the Night in NYC. 

               DAVID ALTAIR KARAVE               Special Effects and Property

             Special Effects and Property

Altair aka David Karave is a sculpture and film artist. His artworks combine cinema, robotics and pyrotechnics within one experience. His film and art company, Altair FX, has created large scale video and art pieces in NYC and Austin, for entities such as A&E, Google Inc., Burning Man, the Bonarroo Festival and Gratitude Migration Festival. The subject of Altair’s art includes themes of social relativity, absurdism, freedom, objectification, and the struggle for human autonomy. Altair was the creator of the taxidermy puppetry rabbit in Alice and Lewis


                      BRIANA MANN             Best Boy Electric - Property

                     BRIANA MANN
           Best Boy Electric - Property

Briana Man is a Cinematographer, Gaffer and Photographer. She was born in Connecticut, and is currently working towards her BA in Film & TV at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She has shot numerous short films, music videos, documentaries, and promotional videos both locally and internationally. Briana also worked as a stills photographer for various events, photoshoots and a feature film.

           BARBARA JAKUSCONEK                 Chef - Property Chef

               Chef - Property Chef

Barbara Jakusconek is a British Italian chef who studied Cuisine and Patisserie at the Cordon Bleu in London. She got her sommelier degree in Italy and worked in the wine industry for 5 years. She is the founder of the cooking school Babs Kitchen and teaches privately in local schools, villas, and internationally.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is one of Barbara's favorite childhood stories. Barbara has just started her own Youtube cooking Channel and is currently writing her own cookbook.

                JEAN FRANÇOIS MABIRE                                  Sound Mixer

                                Sound Mixer

Jean-François Mabire began his career in 1982 as an AD on Feature films in France. He became a sound mixer in 1991. He has worked on many features such as Nefertiti  (Guy Gilles, 1995), Jusqu'au Bout de la Nuit (Gérard Blain, 1995), documentary films and many commercials. Passionate about his work, he is always keen on helping young filmmakers accomplish their dream projects, and he believes that age differences, cultural diversity and language barriers on a set always work as a plus in the film industry.

                   SPENCER SLISHMAN                                Boom Operator

                   SPENCER SLISHMAN
                              Boom Operator

Spencer Slishman is a recent graduate of NYU Tisch school of the arts. He loves working on film sets in a variety of positions. He's an big fan of Alice in Wonderland and also of wine and cheese, so naturally he loved the experience of shooting this film in France. He is currently in post production on his third short film currently titled "Paradise in a Box."

                JEANNE FONTAINE                     Script Supervisor

               JEANNE FONTAINE
                   Script Supervisor

After graduating from the prestigious Parisian film school, l'ESRA (Ecole Superieure de Realisation Audiovisuelle), Jeanne Fontaine became a Documentary film editor.  She has also worked as a script supervisor on many short films. Jeanne has recently edited all the digital contents from the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie Museum. Her work includes Sundance nominated The Settlers  (Shimon Dotan, 2016), and award winning La Permanence (Alice Diop, 2016). Jeanne also works with "Regard Vers l'Autre," an organization which teaches editing workshops to children with learning disabilities. 


                                ACE BUCKLEY                                                Gaffer

                                ACE BUCKLEY


                       MADELEINE WELSCH                                 Property Illustrator

                       MADELEINE WELSCH
                              Property Illustrator